BFC Racing

The newest addition to  Bove Family Chiropractic is our motocross racing team, BFC Racing! Currently we have two riders, Paulie and Gabriel Bove, who are both Dr. Bove's sons. BFC Racing was created to show our support for the riders, while also spreading the word about chiropractic care. We cannot wait for the upcoming season and look forward to hopefully adding more racers to the team. 

Paulie Bove #18
Paulie has been riding since he was a child and once he graduated highschool he decided to try to be a professional rider. He trained in South Carolina at Club MX in order to prepare for the season. He races both 250 and 450 C Class and his goal is to qualify for the Loretta Lynn Championship, which is the biggest amateur motocross race in the country. In order to qualify, you have to place in the top 9 at an Area qualifier race, and then in the top 6 at a Regional Qualifier race. He recently got 5th place in the 250 Modded C class at a race in Virginia and then placed 8th in the 450C class in New York, which makes him qualified for the Northeast Regional Race in Unadilla. Paulie will continue to train and race and hopes to qualify for Loretta Lynn. Check out our YouTube channel to follow BFC Racing's journey!

Paulie Bove Paulie on Bike

Gabriel Bove #2

Growing up Gabe watched his brother ride and got into it himself. He has been racing for the past few years and will continue to race this upcoming season. He just recently transitioned from a smaller bike to a Yamaha fyz 250, but a car accident totaled the bike. After months of saving up and looking for the right bike, he just got a brand new Yamaha fyz 250 (pictured below). Gabe is so excited to ride the new bike and to race alongside his brother. 

New 250 Gabe and his new bike


BFC Racing Merch!

With the creation of BFC Racing, we also made new merch! We created the crew necks pictured below and now t-shirts for our pit crew and supporters to wear at the races! They will also be available to purchase at our Bove Family Chiropractic office and they will soon be available to purchase on our website. We love to see everyone representing BFC!

BFC Racing Team Merch

Captain Crunch DC

We have been putting out motocross and adjustment videos on our YouTube  channel Captain Crunch DC. Check it out to see how Paulie and Gabe do during their races and to see how BFC Racing evolves. Can't wait for the races and we would love to see you there! 




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